Greek Coffee Fortune Telling ( mobile version )
Okeanos Information Technology


How do I change the personal information you have submitted;

It is not possible to change the personal information you have
send, but you can change the items in the photo mail form to send a cup for another person or friend / you.

How often do I notify the application or invitation to friends to earn free credits;

You can notify the application twice a month and earn a total of 10 free units.
You can invite your ten friends each whole month by winning a total of 10 free units.
You thus have the first month in total 50 free units is 30 (Log) + 10 (Notification) +10 (Call).

I bought a package Units, but I have not received yet.

Please send us proof that you received from the Google Play Store that lists the market data. We will do our best to approve your payment as soon as possible and add your units in your account.
You can contact us at the following email address:

How can I earn Units;

There are many ways to earn free units. By connecting with facebook account you get 30 free credits, making notification implementation earn 5 free points, making a call to your friends on facebook earn 1 free unit for each friend.
You can easily see all the way through to implementation on the "Free Units ".

How long does come my answer

We try to answer within 20 minutes at any time.
There may be delays at peak hours and inform you with a message inside the application.
But you buying or cup Vip Vip month package receive your predictions as soon as possible even at peak hours. The Vip members have high priority and make their predictions before everyone else.

I want free reading service;

Downloading the application and making connection to the facebook account instantly have 30 units free of any fortune teller you want.

What are the benefits of VIP membership;

We try to respond within a reasonable time frame, but the delivery time may vary during busy times or the coffee cup fortune you have selected.
You can get a VIP member status to receive the answers of your predictions with a high priority before all others.

I reinstall the app but I have lost all my old provisions;

We can connect with your facebook account to prevent the loss of your older predictions.
You can easily connect to your facebook again to access your account every time you reinstall.

I can not send my photos;

You should take 3 photos of your cup, and fill in your personal data before submission.
Please check that you received all of the photos and if completed all your personal information.

Where can I see how many points I have yet;

Going to page Units application view all your account details.
Ie the number of free units you have, how many units you have purchased and how many cups of Vip have.

How do I purchase units;

Going to page Units application at the bottom of your personal account are all shopping packages.

Why buy a credit package Small or Medium or Maxi;

Why so you earn money.
Buying a package of 30 units have 10% discount by purchasing a package of 100 units have 15% discount by purchasing a package of 400 units have 30% discount !!